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Are you ready to kick insecurity to the curb and become the confident woman God has called you to be?

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Flourish in Faith

is the 6-month guided program that will help you grow into the confident woman of God you desire to be.

Let me tell you all about it…


We’ll look at one topic each month for 6 months. On the first of each month, you’ll get access to new video studies, devotionals, worksheets and more.

PLUS you’ll join our interactive Facebook group specifically for you to hang out with other amazing women from around the world, and be encouraged.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Hearing God’s voice

  • Understanding you can hear God’s voice

  • Not letting anything hold you back

  • Desiring to hear God’s voice

  • Testing thoughts against scripture

  • Making space for God to speak


  • Understanding the character of God

  • Where does your identity lie?

  • New identity in Christ

  • How our identity changes things

Loneliness + comparison

  • Starting each day in the word

  • Is social media stealing your joy?

  • You are uniquely made

  • How to celebrate her when you can’t help but compare

Fear + worry

  • Why am I so afraid?

  • Overcoming fear

  • Placing your trust in God

Sharing your faith

  • What it means to be salt + light in the world

  • What are the right words to say?

  • How to share your faith at college, university, and in the workplace

BONUS: Foundation Module

  • How to pray

  • How to read your bible

  • How to develop healthy spiritual habits

BONUS: Facebook community

Be encouraged as you meet, connect and grow in relationship with the other members of the Flourish in Faith program in our private members-only Facebook community.

In the group, you'll be able to build relationships with other women, pray for one another, discuss each month's theme and content via a guided discussion, share your journey, and encourage others in theirs as well.

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Group coaching

Want to take your experience further? Choose the group coaching option.

Keep accountable with a small group of other women encouraging you, challenging you, and discussing the month’s topic with you.

You’ll receive 2 x monthly group Skype sessions with Elise and the other group coaching members each month PLUS you’ll get access to a daily chat with all group members.


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"The Flourish in Faith program is a wonderful, supportive community of women from all walks of life who are connected through their love of Jesus.”

It gives us the opportunity to be part of a sisterhood of devoted women after God’s own heart. These women share in similar worldly struggles, doubt, and trials but being part of this community, you have women who can offer spiritual guidance, love, and accountability. I recommend this program to all women who want to be connected to a Christ-centered, uplifting community that is God-focused and dedicated to guiding each individual woman to flourish in her faith.

- Samantha Donnelly

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"I love the Flourish in Faith program because of the resources Elise shares, that help me to focus on one particular area and study it in depth for a month."

Elise also provides helpful video content to support the monthly content and provides daily conversation topics on the community page. I recommend that other Christian ladies join Flourish in Faith to share and explore their faith with others from across the globe, in an easy-to-use online community space. I think SIL has really helped me to focus daily and regularly use the resources to further explore the Word.

- Kate Campbell

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Flourish in Faith is perfect for you if...

  • You want to connect with God-focused women from around the world.

  • You're ready to be inspired by women who are living meaningful lives for God

  • You want to grow in your faith

  • You want to overcome insecurity + live boldly for God

  • You want to learn practical tools to tackle the every-day issues you face

You'll get access to:

  • Monthly guided video bible study sessions, where we'll dig into God’s word

  • Devotionals + worksheets

  • Private Facebook community just for members, where we'll discuss each month's theme and content, pray for one another, and connect with new friends

And the benefits? There are stacks of them!

  • Receive biblical-based advice on challenges that every young woman faces

  • Grow in your faith

  • Be inspired to live boldly

  • Build friendships and connect in community with like-minded women from around the world

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What are you waiting for?

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