Three must-have skincare products

Three must-have skincare products

They say 'you shouldn't have favourites', but when it comes to skincare, I believe you totally should!

Before we get in to this, I must tell you that this post is in no way sponsored by Lush. I just absolutely adore these products - they are my go-to for skincare, and they always make my skin feel b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! And I've got to thank my dear friend Emily for getting me completely hooked on all things Lush.

You are brave, valued & so loved: Bath & body products with a message

How often do you take the time to look after yourself - to unwind, have a bath and simply relax?

With so many body products flooding the beauty market, it can be pretty confusing to figure out where to start, let alone what to use. Recently, I found Salt and Glow on Instagram (@saltandglow). Handmade out of Sydney, Australia, the products, which include bath tea bags, body polishes, elixir oils and lotion melts, are 100 per cent natural, so beautiful to use and they smell delicious too.

But these sweet products aren't just good for the skin - they send a deeper message that every woman needs to hear.

Roxy is the lovely lady behind Salt and Glow. Through her products, she wants to spread the message that:

"You are brave, you are valued, and you are so loved."

Roxy's vision for Salt and Glow and the birth of the business came about over the past 12 months through her own personal journey.

Read Roxy's story:

"I grew up in a Christian family and went to church as a child but never got the revelation of God. In fact, I just thought God was out to punish me for all the wrongs I'd done. I stopped going to church after high school, lived a rebellious life and went out partying all the time, but deep inside I knew God was real and that in the right time He would call me home.

After living life my own way, God called me back home through a good friend of mine and I discovered God’s love for me in a way I had never experienced before. Life was not all smooth roads after going back to church but I still wanted to declare my decision as a follower of Jesus Christ by being baptised.

In one of my desperate times after my baptism, I cried out to God for Him to reveal my purpose in life. He said - “You are going to be salt and light for Me in this world.” That seemed like quite a generic thing to say to a new Christian but it struck so profoundly with me and I knew God had just stamped this instruction on my heart. How was I to be salt and light for God? I had no idea, as I was still such a baby at this Christian thing but I truly believed that God would unfold the answer step by step as I kept abiding in Him.

Not long after, my housemate gave me a gift to enjoy in the bath before she left for holidays. I rarely take baths, as much as I would love to, as I always use ‘no time’ as an excuse. However, it seemed like the perfect idea as I had the whole place to myself. As I was soaking in the bath tub, a crazy thought popped up - “Oh, I can make stuff for the bath like this!”

Within a short time frame, I had done a lot of research and created a prototype of the first product. As I was deciding on a brand name and sharing my vision and what God said to me with a friend, she suggested - “Why don’t you use the name ‘Salt and Light’?” Those words were spoken as if God was speaking to me through her! It was phenomenal! ‘Salt and Light’ was already taken on the world-wide web and I went with the name 'Salt and Glow' and went on to design the logo. If you look closely, you will see the Alpha, Omega and the cross. This is as a constant reminder that God will always be the beginning and end to all things and to keep Jesus as the centre of our lives.

The whole vision behind Salt and Glow is to encourage people to take time out to treat themselves to a pamper session with the products. To first love and value themselves and in doing so, know that they deserve the best things in life! The product names are there to encourage and get the love-message out!

Last year, out of an unexpected opportunity, I went on a solo trip to Bali and during that trip, God put it on my heart to make my future travels about giving out to those in need. I spoke to a well-travelled friend to see if she knew of any orphanages in the South East Asia region. She recommended me to one that was in Kupang, Indonesia. She had met the founder on a plane trip once before and had always wanted to visit that particular orphanage. And so I contacted Roslin Orphanage and immediately felt a connection to this place and began planning my trip to go there.

I went with a purpose to love and serve, but after being at the orphanage I realised I was given so much more joy and love from the children than I could ever possibly give to them! They are inspirational! Despite the simple lives they live, they are the happiest children. They take nothing for granted, they have the biggest hearts for others, the most grateful attitudes towards learning and they will grow up to be the most courageous and brave people God has designed them to be!

This orphanage is run by a selfless family of five - a couple and their three children who are all grown up now. Their love towards these children left me speechless, as they love them as if each were their own. They provide them with quality essentials because they see their value and believe they deserve just as much as any other children! They teach these children a sense of responsibility and independence so that they can defend for themselves when they grow up and know how to be a person of worth and self-respect. When I was there, I was made to feel like I was part of the family and I am so incredibly blessed for this time with the children.

One of my goals this year is to grow Salt and Glow so that I can support this orphanage and provide for these dear children."

Wow. I absolutely adore Roxy's sweet heart. Her products are not only lovely, fresh, and natural, but a portion of the revenue from the products that are purchased goes toward supporting Roslin Orphanage. I am in awe of young women, like Roxy, who are allowing God to show them where there's a need, and who are willing to step in and fill that need. I love how Roxy's friend placed value on Roxy when she gifted her with something to use in the bath. We all have the opportunity to place value on the people in our lives, each and every day, through simple actions and words of kindness and compassion. The Salt and Glow gift packs are lovely pamper packages that would be perfect to gift your friend, to remind her that she is brave, she is valued, and she is so loved.

Ladies, I hope you enjoyed reading about Salt and Glow & the beautiful heart behind it. To celebrate the launch of the blog, and She is Light's partnership with Salt and Glow, we are giving you the chance to win a lovely pamper pack! The pack includes a lavender & orange body scrub, a queen me rose & milk bath tea bag, an elixir oil & the skin-softening lotion melt. Head to @sheislight on Instagram to enter! 

Much love,