Social media was my drug, and I stopped taking it

Social media is a drug – This is a statement that I know we can all agree on – well I sure do, and that is because I used to struggle with it A LOT. Every time I would go out, I would constantly think about what kind of picture I could upload to Instagram. It got to the point where I would try to find the best picture, choose the right filter, post it at the ‘right time’ and see how many likes I would get. I kept going through this cycle and it became so toxic that I started to get frustrated with myself. I knew I was better than this but I couldn’t help it… I cared so much about how I was perceived to the outside world. I would constantly look at others' Instagram accounts (the photos, number of likes/followers) and compare myself to them and I found that this wasn’t adding any value to myself.  

I remember one day I was watching a YouTube video from Propel Women. (If you don’t know about this organisation I encourage you to check out their stuff – they’re awesome) and this lady, Sophia Nelson, was talking about how in order to be a leader it’s important that you are ‘authentic’ – that really resonated with me. I felt that God told me to change the way I was using social media to not be INFLUENCED but to INFLUENCE! So that’s when I decided to start Twenty Something, which is a platform for women to discover their self worth and be inspired to not live a mediocre life but be called for something greater by using the world’s best selling book!

I’ve always had a passion to help women find their self-worth and chase their God-given dreams but if I was honest with myself I got so distracted by my everyday career as a speech pathologist. When God revealed the idea of Twenty Something I got so excited. Today – Twenty Something is still only the beginning but I feel that God has released me from this drug I was addicted to. I gave up on this ‘image’ I was trying to create and decided to be who I really was and focus on what I was passionate about, which was embracing my true identity in Christ and seeing women find their self-worth and start chasing their dreams.

It was this weight he lifted off my shoulders because I used to think social media was all about me and keeping up this particular ‘image’ of me, but it’s actually about you! – yes that’s right YOU! Why you, you ask? Because my heart behind starting Twenty Something is to help women realise that there is more to them than the number of likes on their selfie or the amount of followers they may have. You too can use your social media with an outward focus to help people. (If I can do it, you can too!) I love hearing testimonies across the world of women loving this new platform and how it’s already impacting their lives. It’s still only the beginning, but I’m excited to see what God will do through Twenty Something.

My perception of social media has changed drastically now - I no longer see social media as a place to compare yourself to others and try to fit yourself in this box but I see the opportunity to create an encouraging space for everyday women to check out, no matter what their background is. A space where women can come as they are and not need to compare themselves to others but embrace their uniqueness. Social media is no longer a drug to me but a powerful tool to spread the message of everyone’s self worth, their dreams and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.

You can continue scrolling down your Insta or Facebook feed with the same perspective or you can change the way you use your Insta or Facebook today. It always comes down to a choice – do you want continue using it as a drug or do you want to use it as a powerful tool to help and encourage others?!

I encourage you to change your space! You, too, can change the way you look at social media – who are you? What are your dreams? Change your space to be who you really are and start using social media as a powerful tool to be the real YOU!

Mandy Kota, founder of Twenty Something

As the founder of Twenty Something, Mandy is passionate about seeing every woman reach their God given dreams! No matter where you have come from, what your current occupation is, or what people have said about you... she believes YOU have a purpose that is far bigger than you can imagine.

When Mandy is not working on Twenty Something, you can find her working with kids who need speech therapy. She loves spending time with her family, boyfriend and laughing with her girlfriends! 

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did. I hope that it provided you with some insight into the power of the social media world! We all know that social media is often used to push our own personal agenda or to showcase the latest and greatest highlights of our own lives - but I am a big believer that we can create great change for good with social media. Will you join Mandy and I in doing so?