How to share your faith on social media

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Do you ever feel hesitant about sharing about your faith on social media? Sometimes I do. The other day I caught myself holding back from sharing about my faith on Instagram. I had a message that I wanted to share but I got so nervous I almost didn't share it!

Here's the thought that encouraged me to share anyway.

If I can share about my husband, or my dog, or the things I'm doing with my friends, or where I'm going out to lunch or dinner, then I can share about God. Am I right?

We get so carried away with sharing snippets of the every day and mundane - a photo of that latte or a video of that gorgeous sunset, that we forget to share about the miraculous and the wonderful - the things that God is doing.

Why don't we share what God is doing in our lives so we can actually point people to him?

It doesn't have to be complicated or weird!

We can share about the things that are happening at church on the weekend, or what is happening in our connect groups. We can share about the simple things God is doing in our every-day lives or teaching us.

God is number one in my life and I want to share God with everyone.

Will you join me?

Let's share about God on social media!

We may not know the impact that our messages will have. But who knows, there might just be someone scrolling and scrolling through Instagram to come across your message or my message that reminds them that they are loved by Jesus who died so that they could have eternal life, and that might just change their life.

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