The king is wild for you

Over the weekend, my husband took me to Byron Bay for a few nights to celebrate my 22nd birthday. It was a lovely, refreshing, peaceful time.

And in the late afternoon, on my 22nd birthday, I walked down to the beach and sat on the sand. I could feel the cool winter wind on my face, but I didn’t mind because the sky was morphing from light blue tones into hues of soft pink and burnt orange. It was one of those picture-perfect moments.

I’d brought Pastor Bobbie Houston’s book, The Sisterhood, along with me. And as I flicked to the page I was up to and began reading on, one particular reference to scripture completely jumped off the page at me.

“Be here - the king is wild for you.”
- Psalm 45:11

The king of heaven is wild for you - he is wild for me too.

There’s nothing inappropriate about this imagery - it’s simply a picture of God’s great love.

And in the quiet moment that I came across this scripture, God reminded me of just how much he loves me. He reminded me of just how much loves to be with me, to spend time with me. He reminded me that he is the one who has loved me from the start. He reminded me that he is the only constant. He reminded me that in the chaos of life, he is my all-sustaining peace.

Maybe you need this reminder, too - that he is for you, and he is pursuing you with a relentless love each and every day.

If you would pause for a moment, and pay close attention. Look! He’s revealing himself each and every day in great displays - sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls, blue skies, thunderstorms, singing birds, flowers blooming in the wind, waves rolling against the shoreline, sweet conversations, whispers of truth, relationships.

The king of heaven is simply crazy over you. He is the lover of your soul. He is the one who has loved you from the start - before any human could lavish love upon you or rip it away from you.

He is a good, good father - it’s just who he is. And because he is a good father, he remains constant, he gives all-sustaining peace, and he longs to bless you more and more with each coming day.

And he won't stop. When your thoughts are running wild or when you feel completely alone, or when you feel oh-so content and full of joy, surrounded by a crowd full of faces, know that there is one whose sole affection is for you.

So rest, relax, take a deep breath. You’re not alone. And the best part is that you have complete, direct, 24/7 access to this God. He’s just waiting for you to say hello.

I'd love to hear from you. Tell me your thoughts and sweet stories in the comments section below.

Much love,