There's beauty in your mess


This week, while looking at the endless squares of ever-so-lovely images on Instagram, I was inspired, and I found myself drooling over so and so’s beautiful bedroom set up, and so and so’s gorgeous handbag, and so and so’s sweet-looking friendships. Everything looked oh so beautiful. It’s Instagram, after all – the realm of perfect images.

I truly believe it’s perfectly fine (and fun!) to post gorgeous images on Instagram – it’s creative, a way for people to express their personality, their interests, or build their business, their brand (we live in the social media age, people – there isn’t anything wrong with it!).

But while I was scrolling through the ‘gram, drooling over gorgeous pic after gorgeous pic of everyone’s highlight reels, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question ‘what really makes up a beautiful life?

Does a beautiful life include a crisp, white office, and the perfect corporate outfit? Does a beautiful life include high distinctions, top-of-class awards and endless recognition? Or does a beautiful life include a Pinterest-worthy home with fresh peonies on the table, a doting husband who is just so helpful all the time, and children who listen intently and do exactly what they’re told?

OK, who knows this list is so not representative of most people’s/if anyone’s reality?

Because life is messy – that’s what makes it real!

For example, while I’d love my own spacious, lovely office, right now I’m working from a desk that’s squished in to the corner of our spare bedroom behind a queen-sized bed. Other than the fact that it does get a wee bit squishy in there from time to time, it’s beautiful, because it means I actually have a place to create.

And while I’d love to be able to my apartment sparkling clean 24/7, gourmet food on the table for dinner every night, and have all of my errands ticked off the list and bills paid on time every time, this simply isn’t always my reality. Why? Because I have a full time job, and run She is Light full time as well, and on top of that, I prioritise time for  people and relationships - my husband, my family and my friends.  By no means am I trying to compete or compare. Your circumstance is different, and your journey is unique – we’ve all got different things going on, they just look different. But please know that whatever your circumstance, there’s beauty in the mess.

While our lives may not be as picture perfect, sweet or thrilling as they appear on Instagram, sometimes it’s the messy details that add so much beauty to life.

Perhaps that super frustrating ‘why-can’t-everyone-just-clean-their-own-dishes’ mess left at the kitchen table represents your big, loud family, and maybe all those late nights studying represent a future of adding value to society, and perhaps those difficult, honest conversations that you’ve had to have will help mend and mold your relationships in the long term.  

Maybe it’s time we adjust our perspective. I want to see the beauty in the mess. Will you join me?

What’s a circumstance that you could start looking at differently, so that you can see the beauty in the mess? Let me know in the comments below.