Her success is not your failure

She just got engaged while you just broke up with your long-term boyfriend. She just got straight sevens, while you're struggling to pass. She just got promoted up the ladder toward her dream job, while you lost yours, and have to reassess your career plans. 

It's hard to be joyful, bouncing-off-the-walls happy for someone when you're situation is looking all but peachy.

But I want to remind you - we all go through different seasons. Life is filled with seasons of joy and seasons of hardship. We live in a world made up of imperfect people, you and I included, so we aren't going to be immune to pain and challenges. 

And when you're down in the dumps, don't you appreciate the people who gather around you, encourage you and build you up? I know I sure do. So if we care so much about people when they're going through the hard times, then why don't we celebrate them in the good times, as well? We should encourage them when she's struggling, and encourage them when they're in the 'high season' - even if we're not. Eek!

Did you know that her success is not your failure? Did you know that cheering her on and encouraging her does not diminish your gifts? It's OK to celebrate each other on - it's a wonderful thing! For all of human history, women have been cast to the far edges of society, and have been subject to mistreatment and inequality. And in a lot of societies, this is still the case today - women are looked down on like second-class citizens.

So why stand against your fellow female? Why take a stand against a friend? Why let bitterness root inside your heart, and fester? Ladies, It's simply not worth it! If we stand together as a united force, imagine all of the wonderful things we can achieve. If we continue to create a community that genuinely cares for each other, imagine all of the women who would come to know their worth, be encouraged and believe they can make a real difference in this world, too.

I want to challenge you today: be the encouragement that she needs to hear. Be the one who believes in her when she doesn't even believe in herself. Gosh, you might just need someone to believe in you one day, too. 

Much love,