Defined by busyness: by Abbie Meyer

"I’m so busy” seems to be the mantra of the 20-something population, blindly running around without taking a single minute to rest. It’s easy to fill our schedules to the brim in the years where everything seems to be defined by newness. Being a new wife, or a new mom, or working a new job, or being a new blogger...

The list goes on and on because our 20s seem to be our foundational years; we are just starting to receive visions for our lives, and are slowly starting to form long-term goals to where we would like to be. So we fill up our schedules with work, and friends, and second jobs, and third jobs, and church, and grocery shopping, and volunteering, and laundry, and working out, and suddenly there’s no time left in the day to breathe. 

But I would argue that there is a deeper issue to this problem of busyness, and this one is at the very core of who we are. The portion of us that believes the lies that are whispered to us - you aren’t worthy.


So we run faster, and work harder, and don’t look back because we need to prove that we are enough.

We are all striving to build our worth on something. The deepest recesses of our hearts long to be noticed and accepted. So we pursue what we love, what we’re passionate about, and what makes us feel known. And, all the while, our to-do lists are stacking up, our schedules are packed tighter, and our hearts are growing weary. Sister, there is no need to shout for love in a world that doesn’t seem to see. There’s no need to fight our way into the light, because Jesus.

Where you aren’t, He is.

Where you aren’t loved, His heart overflows with pride.

Where you don’t belong, He gently says, “your place is here with Me”.  

Where you aren’t noticed, He sees your heart, passion, and soul.

Where you aren’t accepted, He runs to you with arms wide open.

And where you aren’t worthy, He makes you worthy.

In Luke 10, we read the infamous story of two sisters: Martha and Mary. Here's a brief recap for those of you who have never heard the story or need a refresher:

While Jesus was traveling, he stopped for dinner at a woman’s house named Martha, who lived there with her sister, Mary. When Martha asked Jesus to come and stay for dinner, He gladly accepted. However, while Martha was busying herself preparing the most delicious feast for Jesus (she only wanted him to have the best), Mary spent her time sitting at Jesus’ feet, resting in His presence, and eagerly breathing in His every word. Martha became angry, and could not understand why Mary was just sitting there with so much work to be done. But Jesus said “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her”. (For more, please refer to Luke 10:38-42).

When I was younger, I could never understand why Jesus chastised Martha, while commending Mary. Martha was the one serving Jesus after all, and Mary was just sitting there (doing nothing, I might add)! And then the key to the story flashes its neon sign, and I realise: Martha was distracted with much serving. (Luke 10:40a). Serving is a wonderful tool, and is something we as Christian’s are commissioned to do.

But when there is too much on your plate, you become distracted, and miss the main point.

You open your heart up to more pride (look how much I can do!), weariness (I have no time to refresh + restore), and bitterness (why am I the only one who sleeps five hours a night and gets home past 10 pm?). And most dangerously, you open your heart up to the temptation of pushing Jesus’ number one spot in your heart to your last priority.

Mary saw the importance of rest. She knew what was most important, and even though there were a million chores to be done around the house (after all, the sisters were housing the most important dinner guest of all history), she understood that it would all be for nothing if she did not take some time to soak in the sweetness of the Savior.

Today, let’s choose to slow down (even if only for 10 minutes), and bow in awe of the beauty of Christ. Let’s choose to believe the truth that we are worthy, not based off of how much we are able to accomplish in one day, but based off of our Jesus. Let us choose the good portion, the one that won’t be taken away from us.



 About Abbie (in her own words): I'm a 25 year old living out of the abundance of Jesus' unending grace and mercy. I thrive off of deep vulnerability and connection with others, while striving to live into the call of outpouring encouragement onto others. Often described as feisty, passionate, talkative, and compassionate, I am ENFJ through and through. You'll most likely find me training for a race, handlettering or painting, whipping up a new healthy and whole recipe in the kitchen, singing worship songs at the top of my lungs in my car, or watching the Office with my husband. What do I love most? Pretty light, hearing people's stories of redemption, peonies, my husband's smile, white walls, and the smell of rain.

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