She is: Carly Hartman

With two businesses under her belt by the age of 20 and a few more entrepreneurial dreams in the pipeline, it's not hard to see that this lovely lady is unstoppable. Her zest for life is contagious, she has a heart of gold & she's making waves of impact across the vibrant generation of young people living in Los Angeles. After connecting with her on Instagram and over email, it didn't take long to realise she's my American soul sista'. I absolutely adore her and I know you will too. Meet Carly Hartman.

Tell me about yourself. Have you always lived in LA?
Yes! I have been born and raised in LA and literally never want to leave! LA is the land of so much opportunity and I try to tackle every opportunity I can! I became an entrepreneur at the age of 17, the day after I graduated high school in 2013. I started a jewelry and clothing line called Cora Wear. Then, in 2014, I started my next business called Go Impact 360. Go Impact 360 is a movement to empower young people to be world changers. Through Go Impact 360, we have Pageant 360: an inner beauty movement to encourage women to love themselves from the inside out! We have already had two beauty pageants and are having our third one THIS June 18 in Southern California! Yay! God is so good!

Tell me about your family life, growing up, school, etc.
My mom, dad, and sister are my best friends. They mean everything to me. I have had such an amazing childhood that I will be forever grateful and thankful for! God blessed me with the three best gifts a girl could ask for! As a little girl, I was very shy… PAINFULLY shy! However, when I got into middle school, I broke out of my shell and became the biggest social butterfly there ever was! My parents always encouraged me to be confident in who I was! That is why I am the way I am today! I always had the most pleasant school experiences as well - just making friends left and right, studying super hard to get good grades, etc.

A little birdy told me your dad is the mastermind behind a number of cartoons, including Fairly Odd Parents. I imagine there are plenty of laughs in your house! What has it been like growing up with this world unfolding around you?
Yes! My dad is the creator of four shows on Nickelodeon: Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and Bunsen is a Beast. My childhood has been quite exciting and FUN to say the least! I get a lot of my creativity from my dad as a matter of fact and his career has always inspired me. He makes a living off of drawing pictures - now that is an amazing story!


With two businesses by the age of 20, I imagine a lot of women will be wondering how on earth you did it! Tell me a bit about the process behind getting Go Impact 360 and Cora Wear off the ground.
Yes, it has not been a walk in the park. But I will tell you, that with God all things are possible! It does take a village, though. My family and friends have been so supportive through the whole thing and for that I am forever grateful. Cora Wear started in high school because I was inspired by my fellow classmate who started her own company. I always loved office supplies and lemonade stands as a kid so I always wanted to have my own company. After she started her own, I felt led to start my own. Then, I started Go Impact 360 in 2014 because I was going to be in a beauty pageant myself out here in California. I trained vigorously for six months, but two weeks before God told me to drop out due to the whole bikini aspect. I was obedient and did. Immediately, He gave me this idea for an inner beauty pageant.

What’s the most challenging part of running your own businesses?  
Probably the following through. Sometimes I will think of things like campaigns and strategies for one business and then immediately move on to the next one. I have struggled in the past with finishing what I have started. That is why with the start of 2016 still so new, I decided to take the bull by the horns and follow through with these things like there’s no tomorrow!

Go Impact 360 is a pretty unique movement. I love how it’s all about empowering people to be world changers – this fits in so well with my vision for She is Light. Tell me about your heart behind Go Impact 360.
Well praise God, thank you so much! It was not my idea but GOD'S. I am so grateful He blessed me with this opportunity. I just know that I was getting sick and tired of always talking about wanting to change the world, and hearing others too, but never actually doing it. Also, in high school a majority of us needed community service hours. How come that has to end after high school? That is why I decided to re-launch Pageant 360 under Go Impact 360 so that it could all come together as one package! Go Impact 360 is a way for people of all ages to actually get involved in their community in an easy way. There are cause-specific teams that you can join to do events with once a month. There you go, super easy!

There are a whole bunch of women who follow She is Light who are interested in starting their own ventures. What are your top tips for getting started?  
My main tips on getting started would be for you to answer this question: what would you do if you didn't have any fear? If fear was not able to hold you back, what would you do? Unfortunately, fear is the root of pretty much every decision we make, at least in my life it was. That is why if we eliminate that problem, then what can hold us back? The only other option would be YOU! You limit yourself in things that you don’t think are possible. You are responsible for limiting God and for limiting yourself. God cannot work through you with certain things if you are not willing and open to Him. Take the pressure off of yourself, put it on Him, and you will be very impressed with the outcome when you simply say “yes” to Him!

Wasn't it inspiring to read about Carly's journey? Her story is a great example of stepping out, and stepping in to your dreams. Let's not live ordinary lives, going about the day-to-day without purpose. Let's be the kind of people who follow the dreams and desires we have in our hearts - after all, they're there for a reason. Together, we can make waves and impact this generation.

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