You are an influencer: How to honour God with your influence

You are an influencer: How to honour God with your influence

Have you ever posted on Instagram and thought this:

  • ‘Really? After two hours, and still no likes?’

  • ‘Maybe it wasn’t the best time to post!’

  • ‘I might try and tweak this post, maybe I should ask a question.’

  • ‘Seriously? All that post only got a few likes?’

If you’re on social media, these thoughts have probably run through your head.

A letter to my single sister

A letter to my single sister

Do you ever feel alone?

Do you ever feel impatient? Do you ever feel envious of your friends who are dating, engaged or married? Do you ever question why you’re single and if there’s purpose in this?

Sweet sister, I see you.

If you have ever felt any of these things - this letter is for you.

But before I dive in, I want to remind you of these three truths: You are loved. You are worthy. You have purpose.

Can I say something that might sound a little bit crazy?

Singleness is a gift.

How to stop fear from holding you back

How to stop fear from holding you back

‘I don’t have the experience, Lord.’

‘I don’t have what it takes, Lord.’

‘I don’t know where to start?’

‘What would others think of me?’

‘I’m too young. Who would even take me seriously?’

‘I’ll do it when …’

Have you asked God to use you in your life, in your university life, church or community?

Christmas bible reading plan

Christmas bible reading plan

I know you want to finish your year with purpose but I also know there are so many things vying for your attention.

From Christmas parties for church, work, and everything in between, to present buying, tree setting up, Christmas light looking, and well, everything Christmassy, it can be easy to forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas, Jesus.

Make reading your Bible a priority with this 20-day Christmas Bible reading plan.

That's why I've created a free 20-day Christmas bible reading plan just for you.

How to create spiritual habits

How to create spiritual habits

Sometimes I think our relationship with God looks less like a best friend relationship and more like a one-sided friendship.

Think about this. How much intimacy is there in a one-sided friendship? How do you feel when you’re wanting to spend time with someone but they ignore you? I think this is what our relationship can be like with God. He is desperate to know us. He is saying ‘daughter, I love you.’ But more often than not we can ignore him and sometimes completely forget he is there. How terribly sad it is to live like this.