God has called you to be salt and light in the world.

You are called to be salt

You add salt seasoning and flavour to the world by being different - by not conforming to the world but by being like Jesus in the world.

You are called to be light

Because you are a follower of Christ, the original light, he says that you too are to be light. You can be light by first keeping your eyes on the source, and remembering that he is the one who lives in you. Knowing this, you can live a life that brings out the God colours in the world. By living a generous life, people will see Christ in you and be prompted to open up their lives to him.

That really is the heart behind She is Light - that you would know whose you are - God’s child and a follower of Christ, and that you would be light each and every single day in the big, the small and the seemingly insignificant ways. Because by being light, others will come to know God, and will be found in him too.

I hope this study has helped you develop a greater understanding of this passage of scripture and draw closer to God.

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