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Break free of the lies and know the truth that sets you free


I am not good enough

I am too much

I am too broken

I am a mistake

I don't have purpose

The rubbish lies that you're believing are robbing you.

It's time to bust them with God's truth.

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In BE FREE, you'll replace the lies you've believed with the truth that sets you free.

Hey, I'm Elise

And I believed a dirty rotten lie.

I believed the lie that I was too much.

As a teenager, I was the girl who was bouncing off the walls with energy - I was excitable, loud and I could talk for hours on end.

I don’t know if it was something someone said that made me so self-conscious, but I distinctly remember leaving sleepovers or hangouts with friends feeling like my friends wouldn’t like me because I was too loud… too much for them. I would spend hours analysing and agonising over whether they liked me.

I would convince myself that next time I would be more reserved - shut up and make less noise. But then when I kept defaulting back to my loud self, I would feel like even more of a failure, even more ‘too much’.

It was crippling.

I felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t be myself, when in fact God had created me the way I was!

I don’t know what the turning point was for me. Maybe it was a few comforting words from people I trusted. Or maybe it was God at work doing something deeper in my heart, helping me break free from a lie that I felt had defined me for a decade. But one thing I now know deep down in my heart is that God has made me the way I am for a reason - I am beautiful and wonderful in His eyes. Have a read of the following scripture.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

- Psalm 139:1

Knowing God’s truth set me free. Knowing that God created me the way I am on purpose for purpose changed my life.

That’s the reason why I’ve written this eVotional. Because, like I did, I know you believe lies that are holding you back from living the life that God always intended for you to live.


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Ready to break free?


"In order to break free from a lie, we first have to identify it"

"I believe all of us have certain lies that hold us back from stepping into all of who we were created to be, and all of what God has purposed for us. Problem is, often those lies have formed shackles around our souls without us ever having realized it.  The thing is, in order to break free from a lie, we first have to identify it—lies lose their power when we name them.  In this eBook, Elise does an incredible job of helping you name certain lies you might be believing, all the while pointing you to the Truth, who will set you free."

- Kaci Piccillo

This eVotional is for anyone who has ever believed:

I'm not good enough

I am too much

I am too broken to be whole

I've got to do it on my own

I'm the only one who is struggling

My 20s are the time to 'find myself'

My dreams won't come to pass

My life is not turning out how it's supposed to

My shame defines me

I don't have purpose

I am a mistake

I need a man to complete me

I am defined by what I do

Her success is my failure

I can't miss out on anything

Everyone has it together except me

I need to have everything figured out

Living life God's way is boring

Church is not important

God is angry with me

It's time to bust these lies...

Get BE FREE and get started!