She found grace

Ana Nelson is a wonder mum and new blogger from Washington State, USA. The 26-year-old married at 16 after falling pregnant to her first born. At 22, she had an encounter with God that turned her world around. And her life has been an unfolding tale of God's grace ever since! 

Tell me about yourself, your husband, and your beautiful daughters.

My husband and I have been married for nine years, and we have two sweet babies - Evelyn (8) and Sadie (6). We're currently trying to conceive baby 3 after a vasectomy reversal. We're also patiently waiting for our foster journey to bloom with a placement of a baby. We love to hike, play in the sand and grow vegetables.

What was your life like growing up?

I was born in Mexico City. My parent migrated here in 1995 and within a few hours of being in the US my mom gave her life to Jesus when a family member preached the gospel to her. It took my father a few more months to accept Jesus. My parents and I were very poor but wealthy in spirit, I grew up seeing God's presence in our home in ways people sometimes can't believe. I have two younger sisters (Peniel, and Salem). My father became a pastor in early 06' and retired three years later. I'd say that growing up seeing struggling parents who never complained and helped others really helped form who I am today.

Tell me about your experience with falling pregnant and getting married at 16.

When I tell the story of God's grace, I can't help but always remember my life at 16, I am what I call 'the prodigal daughter' - I ate with the pigs and returned to Jesus at age 22. I was also married to a man who was an unbeliever at the time I was (16 when I was legally married), and only by God's grace did he come to Christ four years later in our marriage. When I meet young Christian girls who have fallen pregnant, I have a story to share... I have someone to share!

Can you pinpoint one defining moment on your journey?

One thing I'll never forget is the night my marriage was coming to an end. After four years of marriage, I remember looking up at the stars and crying to God. I remember returning to Christ and giving up completely and asking him to forgive me, restore me and help me. I requested humbly for God to show me a way and not even 10 minutes later he answered with a phone call -  my life has never been the same after that.

You recently started your own blog, beautifully titled 'She Found Grace' - what's the heart behind your blog? 

When I started this blog I asked myself 'what do I want young women to know?' What did I have that has changed me? I thought for days, and I said, 'well, I found grace'. BOOM, this baby blog was born! What I hope to achieve is to preach the gospel to women who find themselves alone, hurt, in sin, confused and really anything. If I can reach just one person with my experiences and how God has been my saving grace then I've done something great for his kingdom.

What does the future look like for you?

Hmm, well we all know that many are the plans of men but God's plans are better. I find myself praying that God may bless us with not only biological children but with children we can adopt through our foster care system. I hope my future is always according to God's plans and not my own. I hope that my baby blog can become a weapon to help all of us get closer to God and find grace. Also, I want a farm life - chasing chickens is great cardio. ;)


Ana Nelson, She found grace

Ana Nelson is a 26-year-old who's been been married for nine years, and who has two daughters that she absolutely adores! Her passion is to share the gospel in the hope that woman may be encouraged to follow Jesus. Having been married at the age of 16 and having a young family, Ana aims to share how God has worked in her life through her blog - She Found Grace.