Be Light eDevotional

I see you. You want to make a big impact in this world. But to make a big impact, you first need to be feeding your soul by seeking God and growing in relationship with him.

That's exactly why I've created Be Light. It's an eDevotional - so you can get started straight away by downloading it to your phone, tablet or computer.

So grab a copy and feed your soul! Draw closer to your Heavenly Father and he will draw closer to you and reveal the very next steps for you to take. If you let him, God will do far more with your life than you could ever dream or imagine. (I can't wait to see what that is for you!)

Be Light is a 30-day eDevotional to help you draw closer to God as you navigate the ins and outs of everyday life as a young lady.

The devotions include scripture, practical actions, and a prayer, to help you connect with God.